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Our client is a global satellite telecommunications company on a mission to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all communities have access to reliable, affordable broadband. Working to provide technology for all, regardless of location, the company strives to create an expansive satellite constellation capable of delivering seamless connectivity with low-Earth orbit satellites.

Our challenge was to provide connectivity to people and businesses everywhere around the world, regardless of their location. To achieve this, they needed to start up and scale, building product-focused teams with defined goals.

Value + Impact


Transformed ways of working and enterprise architectural governance


Developed a simpler technology stack


Enabled effective monetization of network and digital tools


Put the power in the hands of business operators


Accelerated customer engagement & value realization

Our Approach & Solution

We created an enterprise ecosystem of interconnected digital products that delivered end-to-end customer experiences and core operations functions. 

This included enterprise blueprinting, service design, product ownership and management, and DevOps delivery teams.

The approach was multi-vendor, multi product, and multi-geography, driving pace, scale, and value. We introduced a design thinking approach to create bespoke digital products that leverage best-in-class SaaS platforms and a product centric delivery model to drive engagement and adoption.

“The solution involved creating an enterprise ecosystem of interconnected digital products that delivered end-to-end customer experiences and core operations functions.” 

Program Director, Blueriver

We built product-focused teams with defined goals, with a mission to make them “the easiest company to do business with across all customer journeys”. We defined new ways of working and simplified the technology stack.


Simplified Technology Stack


Customer Journey Map

“We’re letting the customers have a voice. Everything else is just about speeding things up. This strategy allows them to execute quickly.”

Program Director, Blueriver

By aligning the customer journeys and operating model, we have accelerated customer engagement and value realization.


Customer Engagement & Value Realization


Digital Product Overview


Blueriver's collaboration with our client represents a departure from traditional telecommunications practices. Together, the teams crafted a holistic product view, spanning customer onboarding, billing, reporting and personalized offerings to enable rapid service deployment, linking awareness, sales and support. As a result, the company has experienced rapid expansion through the deployment of its initial six satellites, later expanding the fleet to an impressive 182. This remarkable progress led to securing financing for the completion of their ambitious constellation comprising 648 satellites.

At the heart of the Blueriver strategy was a customer-focused governance process that streamlined implementations. By infusing customer-centricity, they simplified tech stacks, driving transformative results and client value.

The collaboration with Blueriver improved response times and introduced customer journey mapping, enhancing service comprehension. Notably, launching in new markets, like maritime, reinforces our client's competitive edge. These achievements reflect in a shared commitment to fast-tracking tailored services and ethical global connectivity.

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