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Sila, a pioneering nano-materials company, is driven by a steadfast belief in enabling the transition to clean energy. Their mission revolves around propelling global transformation through large-scale innovation and scientific advancements, particularly in addressing the most complex challenges related to battery materials. 

In 2018, Sila emerged from Georgia Institute of Technology with an innovative vision. The brainchild of former Tesla employees, Sila aimed to revolutionize battery technology by replacing graphite and lithium-ion batteries with a more stable and productive compound – the "magic powder." Their ambitious goals required overcoming engineering challenges of complex materials and optimizing battery storage. This compound replacement promises heightened stability and productivity, and its applications span from earbuds to airplanes, showcasing a wide scope for potential. 

Sila leverages intricate mathematical calculations to fine-tune formulas and unveil optimal material properties for energy storage, extraction and durability. Garnering contracts from renowned firms like Mercedes positions them at the cusp of market entry. Sila's manufacturing trajectory spans various stages, ranging from powder experiments to formula enhancement.

Sila exhibits a hands-on approach, crafting lab and manufacturing equipment themselves. But with a lean startup team, they recognized the need for expert assistance to enhance connectivity, migrate to new systems and establish new manufacturing lines to support their high-growth timeline.

Sila partnered with Blueriver to address these critical needs. Strong collaboration was needed to strengthen network development, ensure robust security for intellectual property and facilitate scalability and fast-paced growth.


Connecting different devices on the manufacturing floor

Blueriver provided network security, data analysis, quality assurance and development to enable seamless connectivity infrastructure for Sila’s manufacturing floor in Alameda, California empowering data analytics and efficient station setups. Beyond assisting with connecting different devices on the manufacturing floor, they also helped with networking and integrating systems like finance, facilitating migration to new solutions and preparing for large-scale production.

Blueriver Sila connecting different devices manufacturing floor
Blueriver Sila operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

The collaboration involved a dynamic team of professionals from Mexico and the U.S. who worked on-site to establish the necessary infrastructure, making operations more efficient for Sila's data systems team. A group of skilled developers also contributed their expertise to streamline data pipelines. Originally planned for China, the manufacturing line, known as “line four,” has now been shifted to grow in Washington.

“In terms of scalability, they have ramped up, particularly around line three, and are prepping for line four. They’ve got some aggressive growth goals, and they really need the best of the best to be able to help them hit the gas and get to where they want to be.”

Gabriel Apodaca   I   CEO, Blueriver


Blueriver's partnership with Sila has focused on driving scalability during rapid expansion. Since 2018, Sila has progressed from line one to line four in their manufacturing lines. As one of Sila's pioneering external partners, Blueriver enhanced Sila's ability to scale rapidly and capitalize on their fundraising success.

Sila's ability to prioritize network development and security to protect their valuable intellectual property has been instrumental. As the technological landscape continued to evolve, Sila recognized that staying at the forefront of innovation and maintaining a strong technical infrastructure was vital to achieving their goals. Blueriver's technical expertise and network security solutions helped Sila achieve both objectives.

The success of the partnership has enabled Sila to not only achieve their green energy goals but also stay ahead of the curve in technological innovation. They've established themselves as a leader within the battery technology space and are well-positioned for continued growth.

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