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Blackbaud is a global leader in cloud software and social good, dedicated to connecting and empowering individuals and organizations across the world. The company offers comprehensive software solutions that drive more than $100 billion annually for programming, grants and investments.

Blackbaud has firmly established itself as a prominent figure in the nonprofit arena. However, amidst this success, a notable undercurrent of discontent surfaced due to outsourcing development to India-based teams, prompting a growing demand for improved alternatives and highlighting the urgency for change. Recognizing the need for elevated support, Blackbaud sought Blueriver’s expertise to address their evolving needs across seven crucial divisions: Luminate Online, Fundraising, Online Giving, Razor's Edge, Marketing, Award Management and EVERFI.

Since 2019, Blueriver has cultivated a robust partnership with Blackbaud, rooted in a shared alignment of values. 

Value + Impact


Scaled teams in 60 days


Supporting 7 Divisions


Increased velocity by 10%


Elevating standards across all platforms

A significant data breach that occurred several years ago triggered a critical need to fortify system security, culminating in comprehensive security audits across multiple platforms. Blueriver played a role in post-incident efforts, addressing a backlog of tasks that had accumulated. This incident instigated a renewed focus on elevating standards across all platforms, driven by rigorous testing and assessment. Blueriver assumed a significant share of the work to fortify systems and enhance these security standards.

Blueriver Blackbaud Elevating standards across all platforms

“Our teams love working with Blackbaud; helping to power social good and enabling fundraising for causes that matter really resonates with us. Our culture aligns so well with Blackbaud’s mission that our teams feel incredibly inspired to contribute.” 

Lindsey Nix   I  SVP Partner Success, Blueriver

Mobile Blueriver convergence of values

A convergence of values

A catalyst for the successful Blueriver/Blackbaud partnership was the convergence of their respective company values, which seamlessly intertwined their teams. This alignment of shared principles facilitated a harmonious collaboration over a collective passion for contributing to social welfare. This intense engagement in initiatives aimed at driving change and impacting communities creates a natural alignment that propels the working relationship forward, empowering both teams to effect tangible and meaningful change.

“At the end of the day, our team does a great job of really understanding what the customer needs and delivering on that. And then we have all the other great stuff like cultural affinity, delivering on the promise and giving great customer service.”

Gabriel Apodaca   I   CEO, Blueriver


The four-year partnership between Blueriver and Blackbaud has been instrumental in driving positive change. 

This alignment of values has fostered a strong and cohesive culture, resulting in increased team velocity and improved operations. Blueriver is deeply involved in Blackbaud’s seven distinct divisions, including Luminate Online, where the partnership remains dynamic. In the realm of fundraising, they navigate various subdivisions. Their scope extends to online giving, marked by a comprehensive digital transformation and modern development initiative.

Efforts also encompass marketing and award management, while the recent acquisition of EVERFI by Blackbaud has led to collaboration in the realm of impact-as-a-service. Furthermore, engagement extends to the Razor's Edge division.

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