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Our client, a Top 10 Fortune 500 technology company that marries elegance and simplicity throughout their products with intuitive interfaces have redefined the realms of smartphones, tablets, computers and wearables. Beyond hardware, the company’s influence has cultivated a vibrant ecosystem of software, applications and services that foster creativity, productivity and connection. 

Amidst the COVID pandemic's many and distinctive challenges, Blueriver was asked to collaborate on an urgent initiative to address the needs evolving realities of the COVID pandemic while safeguarding the well-being of employees. 
One of the foremost concerns was employee safety, necessitating a central destination for vital information on COVID-19 developments, company policies and safety protocols. Our client needed a dynamic, intuitive platform that could respond to rapidly changing circumstances while addressing the need for employees to order essential supplies like face masks and personal protective equipment.

“When you know that you’re impacting an employee’s actual health and their day-to-day life, it’s easy to get motivated", said Jim Wayne, Senior Project Manager for Blueriver. "The team understood and aligned around the business reasons driving the decisions.”
Understanding the urgency of the situation, the Blueriver product development team closely collaborated with our client to design, build and launch a streamlined, iterative experience. 

Value + Impact


Face mask orders
September 2020 - June 2023


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September 2020 - June 2023


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June 2021 - 2023


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June 2021 - 2023

Our Approach & Solution

The project started with the creation of an intuitive splash page, strategically placed under the Facilities umbrella. The placement was purposeful, as the portal serves as a global resource for people coming back to the office and following building-related guidelines. 

There was a strong focus on working closely with the client's internal teams. This involved gathering requirements, creating a user interface consistent with the company's brand design system, and implementing necessary features. The platform's design aimed for a smooth user experience while adapting to rapidly changing pandemic-related information and demands. 
From a user experience perspective, content organization was a priority. Clear navigation and strategic placement of key details, such as building statuses and health protocols, enhanced ease of understanding. Through the platform, employees could easily order important items like face masks and test kits. It also gave them access to specific protocols, instructions for returning to the office and a variety of resources related to the pandemic.


Health and safety protocols, as well as guidelines, were organized and easily accessible from one location.


“We acted as cross-functional, agile team to get things up quickly. It was very much a fluid kind of ‘build the plane in the air’ project, through and through.”

Jim Wayne – Senior Project Manager, Blueriver 

The collaborative effort progressed at an accelerated pace. Blueriver offered daily assistance to address evolving local regulations. Time constraints often led to brief approval windows. Balancing speed and comprehensive input from stakeholders posed challenges, prompting the reevaluation and refinement of features post-release. 

A notable hurdle centered on ensuring the platform could handle increased traffic. Primarily managed by the cloud ops team, this server-related concern required anticipating and managing sudden traffic surges. At times, the team had to rapidly expand server capacity to manage company-wide email notifications, effectively accommodating the ensuing surge in website visitors.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines were regularly updated, and displayed as frequently asked questions so that employees could quickly scan the content.


“There was a lot of uncertainty in people, whether it was coming back to work or feeling uncomfortable with protocols. Employees adopted the site and trusted it.” 

Cheryl DeVore – Lead Product Designer, Blueriver


The platform was successfully launched within an exceptionally short timeframe, providing employees with swift access to critical information and streamlined supply ordering. Its user-friendly interface facilitated rapid adoption, ensuring effortless navigation.

The platform was successfully launched within an exceptionally short timeframe, providing employees with swift access to critical information and streamlined supply ordering. Its user-friendly interface facilitated rapid adoption, ensuring effortless navigation. 
Beyond the metrics, the platform's visually appealing design resonated with users, contributing improved employee engagement and compliance with safety measures. Swift access to accurate information fostered a sense of community amid the challenges of remote work. Furthermore, the integration of supply ordering enhanced procurement processes, highlighting the client's commitment to employee safety and well-being. 
The success of this initiative stands as a testament to the effectiveness of agile development, innovative problem-solving and seamless collaboration in times of crisis. 

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