Merging 2 Financial Ecosystems


Learn how Blueriver seamlessly merged two financial
ecosystems after our client made an acquisition. 

The Challenge


Our team was presented with an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a high-stakes project that involved assisting in integrating one company’s software into another’s ecosystem in a $750 million dollar acquisition. The VP of Engineering approached us to construct teams that would ensure a seamless merger of the business line into the current modernized platform.

Our client expected the addition of this platform to their current portfolio would generate over $100 million in revenue that year, so it was paramount that our teams were successful. 

The Solution


Our teams worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and provided tailored solutions that met their requirements. Our team helped support the integration of the acquired product into our client’s product portfolio allowing them to bring solutions to the market faster. Our Team helped them maintain velocity during the transition after acquisition allowing them to continue to introduce features to customers during the integration.

Our team's expertise and dedication to delivering excellent service played a significant role in making our client’s acquisition a success.