Financial Project Portfolio Database


Learn how Blueriver built a custom financial
planning system for a Fortune 100 MedTech Client.

The Challenge


A fortune 100 company in MedTech was struggling to find a solution to their annual financial planning. Budget requests from around the globe were sent in Excel format to small team who had the painstaking responsibility to reconcile and manage requests for budget consideration. Data sources were unwieldy and had limited governance, and the roll-up process was incredibly burdensome.

The Solution


Our team at Blueriver approached this with a strategic mindset to provide the best solution for our client and their global teams. Our teams documented the issues, talked to focus groups within the company to identify pain points, and developed a solution with the feedback of end users. Blueriver developed a web-based solution to seamlessly record and track budget requests for every business unit while enabling better collaboration and more distributed ownership. Roll-up became a breeze, allowing decision-makers near-real-time access to budget requests and accelerating the approval process.

Our client was thrilled with the result, and this is a system they still use to this day. Our teams have continued to work with them with any necessary product maintenance and upgrades. This was something that truly made a huge difference in getting funds allocated to critical efforts in a far more organized and timely fashion.