Building a Sweepstakes Engine for Switzerland's largest Potato Chip Brand

Blue River collaborated with COBOLT NetServices of Zurich to launch the new Zweifel Chips project - a multi-lingual website with integrated contest/sweepstakes appliction.

  • Online sweepstakes entry and selection application
  • Desktop and Mobile experience
  • Facebook Integration
  • Multlingual site versions (French and German)

Providing Mura CMS Expertise

COBOLT engaged Blue River's professional services team to implement the site design and functionality within Mura CMS in order to complete the highly complex project in a tight timeline. Direct access to the product development team and unparalled understanding of Mura CMS capalities allowed Blue River to meet and exceed project expectations.

Building a Sweepstakes Engine

Blue River developed a sweepstakes engine for the project that provided the ability to post new sweepstake offers, accept sweepstake submissions and randomly choose winners based on several different factors. The engine allowed users to claim prizes, on both desktop and mobile systems and also integrated with a third-party telephone and SMS system to send text alerts to sweepstakes participants. The sweepstakes engine was developed as a plugin for Mura CMS and tied in with Mura user database and content architecture. To date, the sweepstakes engine processed over 200,000 submissions and more than 300 winners.

Multilingual Content

The web site features a French and German version. We leveraged Mura CMS translation management capabilities to deliver content in the selected language via the same interface.

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