The Challenge

Selling advertising for Scientific American can’t be easy. After all, only scientists and geeks read it, right? 

While that may be the perception, the reality is quite the opposite. Scientific American readers are an affluent mix of C-level professionals and educated consumers who spend their money on high end purchases. Scientific American is faced with a challenge to overcome preconceived notions and assumptions about their readership and to educate potential advertisers about their affluent community and opportunities.

The Solution

Blue River worked with Scientific American to develop a new, cutting edge version of their online media kit. The media kit serves as a sales tool for Scientific American to direct potential advertisers to.

Shattering Stereotypes

The media kit provides potential advertisers with interesting facts about Scientific American readers and their influence and purchasing power including:

  • Readership Demographic information
  • Financial profiles
  • Consumer interests and purchasing habits

Demonstrating Available Opportunities

The media kit also provides detailed examples of the available advertising opportunities within the different publications offered by Scientific American. This helps potential advertisers to quickly understand how they can benefit from advertising with Scientific American.

The word has come in from far and wide. The media kit is TERRIFIC ! I have an inbox full of compliments and excitement.
- Director of Sales

Modern Design 

Blue River developed a cutting-edge design that leveraged the beauty of the content showcased throughout the various publications. The site is imagery rich and allows the end user to fully explore the offering and ensure that the material is as forward-thinking as the content that Scientific American offers. Additionally, the site is developed in a responsive framework to ensure that it is optimized for mobile access on tablets and smart phones.