Blue River worked with Nationwide Insurance to develop an online tool that will provide end-user support to the users of Mac computers within their organization.

Promote “Self Help”

Rolling out the new Mac platform meant that it would initially support fewer users, and therefore it would not be as highly staffed as the established Windows platform within the IT department. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and support the rapid adoption of Mac computers in the workplace, end users needed to be able to get help online without a traditional help desk in place.

  • Links to Equipment and Software Purchase Portals
  • Mac Specific “How-to” content
  • Nationwide System Configuration and Set Up Content
  • Routine Issues content
  • Monitored Support Forum

Elegant, Well Designed Interface

Mac users are used to a well-designed interface and their support resources needed to be of the same quality. Blue River's user experience team developed a user inteface that leveraged the useability of the Mac interface along with the sophistication of the Nationwide brand. The end result was a web site that was easy to learn and efficient to use for new and existing customers.

Genius Bar Application

Nationwide adopted the concept of a staffed "Genius Bar" to provide users with in-person assistance if necessary. The geniuses were a rotating cast of volunteers that were available at different days and times. In order to support the scheduling of the Genius Bar appointments, Blue River developed a scheduling application that allowed Nationwide web staff to indicate which days of the week and what times each genisu was avaiable. A public view of available appointments was displayed to the end users where they could select their date and time to make an appointment.

Content Management

In addition to providing self help tools, and an elegant user experience, Blue River implemented Mura CMS as the content management system to allow the small Nationwide web team staff the ability to add and edit content on the site without technical intervention.